ALPAS: To Break Free

The Association of Philippine Medical Colleges – Student Network (APMC-SN) will once again conduct its annual MedGroove MedRhythmia (MGMR) event, an inter-medical school competition which showcases the talents in singing and dancing of medical students across Metro Manila. For this year, the Adventist University of the Philippines – College of Medicine, Emilio Aguinaldo College – School of Medicine, San Beda University – College of Medicine, and University of Santo Tomas – Faculty of Medicine & Surgery, in partnership with the APMC-SN National Capital Region – South Luzon, will be hosting the event this 20th of January 2019 at the Aliw Theater, Pasay City. The event is to be attended by an estimate of 2000 medical students, faculty, family, and friends, coming from 21 different member schools of NCR and South Luzon.

As we continue to create mental health awareness a reality, the respective choirs and dance groups are to perform songs and dance numbers that portray the theme of this year’s MGMR entitled “ALPAS: Overcoming the influence of societal pressure on an individual’s self-image.” Emily McDowell once said “Finding yourself is actually returning to yourself. An unlearning, an excavation, a remembering who you were before the world got its hands on you.” There is an ever-present stigma that society imposes upon each of us to conform to its standards and uphold what it sees acceptable. Hence, MGMR aims to empower individuals to break loose from the chains of bigotry and prejudice of society.

MGMR also serves as a platform where medical students from different participating schools can showcase their talents in the performing arts with a cause as the proceeds of this event will be donated to the Child Haus Manila (Center for Health Improvement & Life Development). This is a charitable institution located in Metro Manila that serves as a temporary shelter for indigent patients diagnosed to have cancer or other dreaded diseases who have no place to stay while undergoing medical evaluation or treatment. The impact of mental health on these patients drives a constant state of pressure leading to anxiety, depression and silence one’s ability to express him/herself. MGMR asks for your support to bring them hope upon reach and the power to break free from the shadows of diagnosed disease.

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The Association of Philippine Medical Colleges – Student Network (APMC-SN) is the largest alliance of Medicine Student Councils in the Philippines who works hand in hand with the Association of Philippine Medical Colleges, Incorporated (APMCI). It is the peak representative organization of Filipino medical students, currently composed of 48 medical schools, comprising a total of 22,000 medical students from all over the Philippines. The organization aims to build a network for medical students in the Philippines, provide avenues for holistic development, fight for the rights of medical students, advocate for advancements in medical education, and to provide a united voice of medical students on national and local issues, especially those affecting healthcare.

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