ALON: AIESEC Philippines is Making Waves


ALON was the first national conference for AIESEC in the Philippines this 2018. The conference was an avenue for the youth to enhance their leadership qualities in a challenging environment. With the help of the national team and carefully selected, knowledgeable speakers, the 260+ delegates were guided towards becoming solution oriented in a generation with a clear vision to end world hunger and stop global warming.

Gathering our youth leaders from all over the Philippines, we had one goal in common at ALON – to ride the wave.

Distinct from their last conference in September 2017, Tribo, Alon decided to go back to the organization’s roots and tackle something much more crucial than celebrating the culture of unity within the entities of AIESEC in the Philippines. It was about finding our path towards developing members who cared about the things that needed them to go the extra mile, beyond the job descriptions of their roles.

AIESEC in the Philippines has been in the country for 50 years, and in that span of time, it has sent countless people to exchange projects all throughout the world, and developed many leaders for the different industries we have today. However, not many people know what AIESEC was before this. AIESEC started by bridging people from different countries to opportunities from across the globe. It was an organization that produced what society needed the most: leaders.  Alon aimed to instill this sense of purpose to its members today.

During the second day of the conference, the delegates were able to hear from two wonderful speakers, Ms.

Jaja Valencia from MakeSense Philippines, and Ms. April Cuenca from TripKada. “This is the new world of change-makers,” said by Valencia.

Making an impact at the end of the day – that was the goal.

Millennials and some from Gen Z are the most socially conscious generation, with an inherent drive to do more about the problems the world is facing today. It was pointed out that engaging with people is one way for individuals to do more, to do something themselves and become a more proactive member of society.

On the other hand, Ms. Cuenca’s session was concerned with the opportunities for the youth, especially those who often travel wherever, to help communities with economic development through the promotion of these communities of travelers through social media and casual conversations. She also touched on the importance and significance of “networking”. Building relationships and connecting with people allowed her to build her company. Her story inspired the delegates to remember that our greatest asset is ourselves; our attitude towards other people, how we interact with strangers, and generally, how we connect with people are things that we inherently have and should use towards building a better future.

We would like to thank our sponsors for making this conference possible: Uber, Del Monte, Canon, XEND, JINIO, Shopback, and Sip Purified Water.

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