These are All of the Celebrities Portraying Animals in Lil Dicky’s ‘Earth’ Video

When I was younger, ‘We are the World’ was a hit song in part because of how catchy it was, in part because of all of the big-name singers in it, but most importantly because it was a song for a cause. This Earth Day, Lil Dicky released a similar star-studded music video to address climate change. The animated music video is entertaining and beautiful, and if you haven’t seen it yet, get on it:


Most of the voices probably sound familiar to you, but in case you’re having trouble figuring out who’s who or just want to know, here is a list of the celebrities who voiced animals (and more) in the music video above: Justin Bieber as the baboon, Ariana Grande as the zebra, Halsey as the lion cub, Zac Brown as the cow, Brendon Urie as the pig, Hailee Steinfeld as the mushroom, Wiz Khalifa as the skunk, Snoop Dogg as the marijuana plant, Adam Levine as the vulture,Shawn Mendes as the rhino, Charlie Puth as the giraffe, Sia as the kangaroo,Miley Cyrus as the elephant, Lil Jon as the clam, Rita Ora as the wolf, Miguel as the squirrel, Katy Perry as the Pony, Lil Yachty as the HPV, and Ed Sheeran as the koala.

And, oh, Lil Dicky wasn’t able to track down Kanye West in time, so that’s actually Kevin Hart voicing the animated Kanye in the video. :p

Of course, Leonardo DiCaprio plays a huge part in the video, seeing as how the proceeds from its streams and sales are going “right into the earth,” aka “whatever the fuck Leonardo DiCaprio is always pushing.” You can find out more at their website here.

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