Aljur Abrenica Explains Why He Was Spotted at a Hotel With AJ Raval on Valentine’s Day

Aljur Abrenica and AJ Raval have been under fire by netizens before as it was alleged that AJ may have been the reason behind Aljur’s split with wife Kylie Padilla. The Encantadia star had denied these rumors and Anjur has already defended himself but the criticism hasn’t stopped. As such, it isn’t any surprise why Aljur felt the need to explain why he was photographed at Haiyan Hotel and Resort with AJ on Valentine’s Day.

AJ Raval Aljur Abrenica Haiyan Hotel and Resort

Photo from Haiyan Hotel and Resort

It turns out Aljur and AJ were in Leyte on Valentine’s Day because they were invited by a cooperative. After speculations about them being at a hotel surfaced, Aljur explained that they were only at the resort they were spotted in “to freshen up”.

According to, Aljur explained that they only ate and dressed up to freshen up at the resort to get ready for their show. Aljur also added that it was just a coincidence that it happened to be on Valentine’s Day.

Although it may have looked like they had stayed there for a few days, that wasn’t the case.