Alessandra de Rossi Has a Message for People Criticizing Single Women Without Kids

Alessandra De Rossi took it to social media yesterday, April 4, to address people who criticize women who are “not married,” “don’t have kids (yet),” or have “a ring on your finger.” In a series of posts on her Twitter account, @msderossi, the actress defended women who are single and who don’t have kids, saying, “kanya kanyang trip lang yan.”

Alessandra de Rossi on having kidsImage: Alessandra de Rossi on Instagram (@msderossi)

See her posts below:

She also pointed out that her post is not aimed at married women and mothers either. She said that she is happy for them.

The actress ends with this message: “Stop feeling like you’ve made it because you’re there na and I’m not…. And I seriously do not care. ???? Whatever God gives me, I take it.”

As Alessandra said, to each his (or her) own, and after all, who needs love when we have Jollibee? #NotAnAd lol.

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