AlDub To Join 2016 Electoral Campaign?

As the hottest loveteam that catapulted to overnight popularity, it’s only but expected that AlDub will be invited left and right by so many political candidates looking to capture the voters’ hearts!


But the question is… will Eat Bulaga sensations Yaya Dub (Maine Mendoza in real life) and Alden Richards accept any political endorsements??

According to local reports, Sen. Tito says no to AlDub joining political campaigns anytime soon!

Reports say that Eat Bulaga has agreed to advise Maine and Alden to decline invitations to endorse candidates for next year’s elections.

In fact, Sen. Tito Sotto is also reportedly refraining from using the two to back his own candidacy, in order to set an example for the others!

Reports said that the senator thought that involving AlDub in politics will not be good for the loveteam.

Then again, this shouldn’t be at all surprising, after AlDub proved themselves to be an unexpected smash hit for Eat Bulaga, setting record ratings due to the kalye-serye.

At least everyone’s favorite love team can keep their “purity” intact and stick to what they do best: entertaining millions of fans worldwide on TV!

What do you think of this? Do you agree that AlDub should stay out of politics??