Ala+Ala 2017: Celebrating good drinks, great company, and nostalgic beats

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Attach a memory to a piece of music and you’ll never forget it. Heartbreaks and triumphs become sweeter with a soundtrack. Music has the great emotional ability of bringing people together like no other art form can and this year, the UP Economics Society wants you to experience these highs with Ala+Ala, a sessions night celebrating good drinks, great company, and nostalgic beats. The event brings together 5 great acts who can evoke your emotions with their music and renditions of nostalgic songs.

Catch these 5 amazing acts that will surely bring you back to the past:

Rusty Machines is exactly what you’re looking for in an indie band. Groovy yet diverse, this group finds a way to take us back to the brilliant 80s characterized by the magical British post-punk era.

June of this year, Ryan Jacob under the moniker Scriva, released a 7-song EP called A Space Pristine. Recorded in his bedroom in Alabang and dorm room in Katipunan with the help of friends and family, A Space Pristine is Ryan’s debut in the online music sphere. Clouded in ambient sounds and electronics, at the heart of the A Space Pristine music are introverted and intimate folk songs. Originally a solo project, Scriva now carries on as a dynamic collection of musician friends, with Ali Adizon (guitars), Onch Adizon(bass), Emil Apostol (saxophone), Joseph Marasigan (keys and beats), Andy Concejero(keys and percussions).

Sofa Sky is perfect for any sound. From the new hits to the classic ballads, these boys will keep you on edge for what they’ve got up their sleeves. They capture the essence of what being young is all about.

Based in Quezon City, Metro Manila, Slow Sink officially started in the early months of 2014. It is led and represented by Mark Armas who is the band’s lyricist and frontman.

Slow Sink’s sound is defined as Folk-Alternative, being influenced mainly by artists The Civil Wars, Mumford and Sons, Damien Rice, The Head and The Heart and Bob Dylan. Most of their songs are specifically made to speak to quiet, lonely and heartbroken young people, pairing captivating melodies with melancholic but straightforward lyrics.

Lamb St. is an indie-pop-rock band formed in 2013 composed of Marl Pua (vocals, rhythm guitar), Ian Mirasol (lead guitar), and Paolo Santos (drums), with their newest member Cara Galingana (bass). The band currently has a few tracks up on their Soundcloud and listening to them is a delight. Lamb St.’s sound is a reflection of its members’ varying musical backgrounds – a blend of rock, pop, dance, and blues. They experiment with their sounds on the foundation of these styles and you can feel it throughout their songs, which makes you feel funky and energetic to chill and mellow.

Enjoy this night with your friends and create new memories with us on November 10, 8pm-1am at Mow’s.