AKG K518LE headphones: compact, stylish and musical

When In Manila and you like thick thumping beats with good musicality and also matches with good portability and style, I suggest one at a good price point yet delivers so much musicality for its price. None other than the well acclaimed AKG K518LE.

Build/Packaging: With AKG’s packaging, they tend to package their products in a very consumer oriented type style. No fancy boxes, no amazing amounts of accessories, just plain product on a simple plastic packaging. Plain and simple, so with that, let’s move to the build quality of the AKG K518LE.





I really liked how the matte black finish of the AKG K518LE matches well with the glossy colored areas. The unit I have sports green which is actually my favourite color. I do have some gripes with other colors such as the purple variant. They kind of look weird in glossy purple matched with the matte black. The overall design is pretty stylish and yet, they don’t scream for attention. With the durability, I can’t say that they are very durable. The locking system of the folding ear cups frighten me a little every time I lock the cups up from being folded. The band tends to stretch when locking the cup if you don’t hold them. Nonetheless, they are nowhere flimsy. So pretty much, the AKG K518LE is on average with durability. One last note, the AKG K518LE is tight on the head. A little careful stretching of the band would really loosen that vice grip. I suggest leaving them stretched out on a book or a box to loosen that tight grip.

Sound Quality: The AKG K518LE is on the dark side of the force. Mwahahaha… No, really. They are dark sounding and focuses on the lower regions of the sound spectrum. The bass has power on impact and good impact quality, also goes pretty deep in the sub-bass region. Bass notes tend to favour the mid-bass slightly over sub-bass, and they do tend to be a little boomy for audiophile tastes but would really favour bass-heads. With the highs, there is a slight sibilance on some tracks and some lines on tracks. Nothing really much disturbing, although I know some audiophile friends who have added some foam to the ear cups to dampen the sibilance. The mids of the AKG K518LE are also recessed, giving it more of a “U” shaped sound rather than “V” shaped.

At the price of P4,199, the AKG K518LE should well be considered for those trying to move up from their first set of headphones and into better music consumption. 

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AKG K518LE headphones: compact, stylish and musical


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