AJMA Week 2020: On Deck

The college experience goes beyond receiving quality education. Entering college also marks the beginning of creating new memories, forming lifelong friendships, and sharing fun and exciting adventures.

With the current pandemic limiting the traditional college experience of the new members, Ateneo’s premier marketing organization: Ateneo Junior Marketing Association (AJMA) remains more than eagerto adapt to the shift to an online environment. With the goal of providing its members the same opportunities they would receive on-site, starting with its annual bonding event, AJMA presents — AJMA Week 2020: On Deck.


AJMA Week 2020: On Deck is an online week-long event that aims to give members the opportunity to bond and seek comfort in the organization’s community by providing a sense of home. This event allows both new and old members to take a break from the demanding hours of academics and work and form new friendships beyond work through fun and exciting activities.

Taking place online this school year, AJMA Week invites the organization’s members to embark on a virtual cruise with various online synchronous and asynchronous activities prepared in every destination set for the whole week. Members will be given the freedom to actively participate in the planned activities such as Zoom game nights, online tournaments, Netflix Parties, a dance party in collaboration with 808 Studios, and more alongside their fellow org mates to get closer to the AJMA community.

What are you waiting for? Hop on board to experience an unforgettable cruise as AJMA Week 2020: On Deck sets sail this coming December 7 to 11, 2020. Your virtual voyage awaits!