AJMA Start 2020: The Pilot Episode

The first impressions of an organization have the potential to create a positive experience and a long-lasting influence for its members. In line with the current virtual shift in the world, the Ateneo Junior Marketing Association proudly presents AJMA Start 2020: The Pilot Episode — the organization’s annual first general assembly and welcoming night.

AJMA Start 2020: The Pilot Episode is a two-day event that briefs new members on the works of the organization. As the newly-accepted members embark on their journey in the organization, AJMA Start aims to welcome them, and give a glimpse of the various opportunities AJMA has in store so they may be informed about the organization’s highly anticipated projects and initiatives. 


Being the first event of the year, AJMA Start serves as the initial event that introduces both its new and current members to an inclusive and interactive environment. AJMA Start 2020 will allow both old and new members to come together to bond through marketing-centric activities such as interactive marketing modules and Kahoot games, to further develop their basic marketing knowledge together. They will also get the chance to hear more about the stories of AJMA Alumni, to listen to their own stay in AJMA. 


This year, the event will be held online through Zoom on October 11-12 (Saturday and Sunday), at 1:00-3:00PM. Join AJMA Start 2020: The Pilot Episode to watch your AJMA story unfold alongside your fellow members and don’t change the channel because you might just miss the opportunity to join members of the university’s leading marketing organization in making things happen.