A&J Café: Salmon in Teriyaki Sauce, Cherry Blossom Frappe, and More

Words by Camille Geguera 

If you are looking for cuisines served with a twist then you don’t have to look further! A&J cafe and restaurant, located in Pasay, serves unique international dishes. Ace, one of the owners, says that their dishes are inspired by their travels. With this, he describes the dishes as international comfort food. “I want people to experience the culture of the place,” Ace said.

Owned by a deaf couple, another thing that I admire about A&J is that they also employ people who are deaf. “I want deaf employees to work with hearing people,” he said. Ace recognizes the hearing world as the reality which is why he want to immerse PWDs so that they can learn more about practical things that can help them live a normal life. A&J’s employees who are not deaf know sign language which makes A&J PWD friendly.

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Pot Stickers

Ace shared that he curated the whole menu in a span of only two months. My favorite dish is the teriyaki salmon. The savory flavor of the salmon and the right amount of sweetness from the teriyaki sauce is a good combination. Another dish that I like is the pot stickers, which is a Chinese version of gyoza. A&J has been around for only six months, so getting feedback from the customers is really important for them, taking account what tastes better for them. They’re also going to unveil a new recipe soon—the raspberry teriyaki sauce and salmon!

Salmon Teriyaki

They also have a variety of unique drinks. Our top pick is the Cherry Blossom Frappe which is inspired by the Sakura KitKat—matcha and strawberry combined. Another drink we liked is their Affogato with Leche Flan Al Cafe. Yes, there’s leche flan mixed in the coffee! Both drinks are actually the right amount of sweetness. A&J takes pride in using only fresh spices for their teas, as well.


A&J is a nice place to study, chill or hangout with your friends. The aesthetic of the place is zen and cozy, which is perfect for peaceful afternoons. With his passion as a chef and a pinch of inspiration from different cultures, we’re anticipating the new dishes and drinks that are about to come from A&J!

 A&J Cafe and Restaurant

GF Bay Garden Condominium, Metropolitan Ave, Pasay City
Facebook: www.facebook.com/AandJCafe
Instagram: @AandJCafe 

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