Airbus Just Released Their Futuristic Car Concept And It’s Pretty Cool

Airbus may have just designed the car of the future!

airbus futuristic car

Unveiling the concept at the Geneva Motor Show, Airbus boasted of a “pop up” transportation systems composed of three separate modules. The “flying car” is being developed in partnership with engineering and design firm Italdesign.he modules include a pod for two passengers, a set of wheels to which the pod connects, and — here’s the really awesome part — a giant autonomous quadcopter that carries the pod between different sets of wheels.

If you’re wondering how it operates, the modules include a pod for two passengers, with a set of wheels where the pod connects to, and a giant quadcopter drone that can carry the pod to attach itself to different sets of wheels!

According to Airbus Urban Air Mobility general manager Mathias Thomson, their Pop.Up technology allows the following:

“[It allows] passengers a seamless and faster way of getting from A to B using the city sky … it’s a partnership between the airspace and the automotive sector, two powerful sectors that come together to develop new technology, new concepts for the future of smart cities. Right now, the urban sky is under-utilized and that’s exactly the proposition — the grid-like layout of road doesn’t actually do it for us. We think that by combining air and ground we’ll get a much better use of the space that we have in our cities.”

Thoughts on this? Would you like to see this released to the public soon?


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