Air fryers you can buy online for P5,000 or less so you can ditch cooking with oil

Air fryers are like small ovens that have powerful heat source and fan that moves the hot air around to crisp up meat and veggies with little or no oil.

They have been around for several years now. But they are becoming popular again probably because most of us are stuck at home due to quarantine and spend more time cooking our own meals.

If you are looking for budget-friendly air fryers, here are some that you can buy online that costs PHP 5,000 or less.

Shanben Five-Generation Air Fryer

This Shanben air fryer comes with an aerodynamic non-stick pan that is has a capacity of 4.5 liters. It features lightwave heating that uses approximate sunlight. It has a hot air forming internal rapid circulation for consistent airflow that guarantees even cooking.

Price starts at PHP 2,840.

Buy it here.

Kyowa KW-3810 Air Fryer

The Kyowa KW-3810 can be used to bake, roast, and fry. It comes with a non-stick food basket with a residue collector. The basket has a 3-liter capacity. It features a 200° rotary temperature control to help attain even cooking. The Kyowa Kw-3810 is available in black and red.

Price starts at PHP 3,845.

Buy it here.

Fryers Intelligent Electric Fryer

This Fryers electric fryer is an intelligent multipurpose fryer with a large capacity of 5.5 liters. It ensures to heat up fast and heat is maintained thoroughly on all sides. It is durable, scratch-free, rust-resistant, and high temperature-resistant. The basket is designed with a separation for easier cooking. It has an intelligent LCD screen panel— allows setting of the time up to 30 minutes.

Price starts at PHP 4,449.

Buy it here.

Bordeaux Oil-Free Korean Air Fryer

The 3.5-liter Bordeaux air fryer features an air circulation system with a maximum of 200°C to guarantee that your food is cooked evenly. This air fryer help cooked easily without the use of oil— up to 80% less fat than normal oil frying. It helps make healthier fried dishes since it uses proper air circulation and less oil.

Price starts at PHP 3,699.

Buy it here.

XPX Household Air Fryer

The XPX Household Air Fryer makes use of a lightwave heating system with internal rapid circulation for even cooking. It features a 4.5-liter non-stick pan— making cooking and cleaning both less of a chore.

Price starts at PHP 2,840.

Buy it here.

Xiaomi Mijia Onemoon Small Smart Air Fryer

If you need a compact air fryer, the Xiaomi Mijia Onemoon is perfect for minimalist homes. It has a tiny footprint and offers a 2-liter capacity. It has an optional timing 9-blade strong fan, 360-degree air spiral heating, and hot cyclone for thorough cooking.

Price starts at PHP 5,439.70.

Buy it here.

Xiaomi Youpin Liven KZ-J5000A Oil-Free Air Fryer

This Xiaomi air fryer has a rotation fan and heating tube at the top circulates heat from top to bottom when cooking— guarantees to cook food evenly. It comes with a protective cover for oil splashing caused by air inflow during the cooking process, so you can cook safely. It has a heat-resistant tempered glass for safe cooking, and a clear window to check the cooking process from time to time. It can be used to cook a lot of dishes like grilled chicken, kebabs, chips, even items like popcorn or baking.

Price starts at PHP 5,746.

Buy it here.

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