AIESEC: Linking the Youth and the Business Sector


AIESEC, Linking the Youth and the Business Sector


“Armed with fresh insight, optimism, and potential for greatness, when exposed to the right kind of training, the youth can eventually be shaped into a formidable force that can impact the world.”


The world’s largest student driven organization, AIESEC, organizes yet another endeavor that will offer the youth with an integrated learning experience to become globally minded and socially relevant leaders in today’s fast changing world—with a little help from the business sector.

 Y2B1 - Photo by Jethro Jamon

Over 200 student leaders at the National Institute of Physics, University of the Philippines Diliman last April 10, 2013 for the first Youth to Business Forum in the Philippines. (Photo by Jethro Jamon)


Y2B2 - Photo by Jethro Jamon

Jakub Czerwinski, AIESEC Wroclaw President, challenging the youth on what impact they can make for social responsibility. (Photo by Jethro Jamon)


Agents of Positive Change


The Philippines Youth to Business Forum, otherwise simply Y2B, is a project which connects the youth and some of today’s leading industries in order to exchange ideas for a better global and Philippine society. To be held on April 10, 2013 in the National Institute of Physics, University of the Philippines Diliman, the first Philippines Y2B expects 200 student leaders from the country’s most prestigious universities, together with AIESEC partners and alumni and at least 1000 local and international virtual youth delegates via livestream.


Like 160 other regional and national forums conducted across the world, it is patterned after AIESEC International’s Global Youth to Business Forum, which has been running successfully in the last 4 years.


Y2B3 - Photo by Alea Ladaga

AIESEC alumni Vincent Yu on changing the landscape of society through joining a NGO for education. (Photo by Alea Ladaga)


Y2B4 - Photo by Jethro Jamon

 “Look for new opportunities out of the new changes taking place,” says Country Manager Jojy Azurin during the Topic Space on innovation. (Photo by Jethro Jamon)


Collaborating on the Next Groundbreaking Ideas

 The one-day forum will be divided into three portions: Topic Space, Consultancy Fair, and Workshops.  

 During Topic Space, speakers such as Lauren Barnett of Hult International Business School and Jojy Azurin, Country Manager of, will share their perspectives revolving on the following themes: Leadership, Innovation, and Social Responsibility.

 This first portion of the forum will allow delegates to learn and voice out their questions and opinions to the business leaders of various industries and organizations during sessions.

 Y2B5 - Photo by Alea Ladaga

Y2B delegates in a team activity hosted by Del Monte Philippines’ dynamic leadership workshop. (Photo by Alea Ladaga)


Y2B6 - Photo by Charles Yu

Vince Golangco at the social responsibility workshop, as he shares how he developed his personal blog into an online magazine read by thousands across the world. (Photo by Charles Yu)


Consultancy Fair allows free and direct interaction amongst the delegates, speakers, and representatives from aforementioned enterprises.


Concrete topics on national and global issues, real business cases, employment, and possible partnerships can be discussed by all stakeholders over lunch.


Y2B7 - Photo by Alea Ladaga

Delegates consulting with Technical Analyst Ron Acoba at Trading Edge Consultancy’s innovation workshop. (Photo by AleaLadaga)


Co-designed with Del Monte Philippines, Trading Edge Consultancy, and Elite Institute, the workshops will allow companies to brief and show the delegates how they do operations in a more concrete sense. 

Delegates could get themselves involved by joining focus group analysis over new initiatives or crafting marketing campaigns.

The Philippines Youth to Business Forum is a project of AIESEC Philippines, in partnership with Del Monte Philippines, Hult International Business School,, Trading Edge Consultancy, San Miguel Corporation, and in cooperation with Elite Institute, Selecta, Monde Nissin, Universal Robina Corporation, Business World, and


AIESEC: Linking the Youth and the Business Sector