AGREA: Leaders and Entrepreneurs in Agriculture Forum

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Are you a tech developer, restaurateur, or farmer? What about a logistics or hospitality manager? If so, you are the key to redefining and revitalizing agriculture in the 21st century, and at the Leaders and Entrepreneurs in Agriculture Forum (LEAF) you will find endless opportunities for collaboration across the agricultural spectrum.

In the face of climate change and rising populations, most would consider agriculture a “one-way ticket to poverty.” Yet with new technologies and curious mindsets, professionals from all disciplines are stepping up to the challenge of food security in the 21st century. In Asia and the U.S., farmers are increasingly using drones for crop monitoring. Meanwhile, city residents from Bangkok to New York have developed urban gardens. Viewing agriculture as a field with abundant possibilities on and off the farm, these emerging leaders are expressing loud and clear: the future of farming is now.

To bridge gaps in innovation and cultivate the newest generation of agri-champions, AGREA Agricultural Communities International Foundation, Inc. (AGREA) is building the first-ever Leaders and Entrepreneurs in Agriculture Forum (LEAF). The inaugural LEAF  – slated for September 2018 – will carry the theme “Redefining and Revitalizing Agriculture”; it will be a two-day collaborative experience addressing topics across the wider spectrum of agriculture. These topics are:

  • Agripreneurship, turning farming into a creative and lucrative business.
  • Agritech: Digital Agriculture, evolving the way we farm and improving the agricultural value chain through 21st-century science and technology.
  • Agritourism, integrating farms into our leisure and lifestyle, bringing us back to a greater understanding of our food sources and connecting us to the producers.

Agricultural advocates will be invited to share their insights, find mentors, and take their pursuits to the next level. LEAF’s ultimate goal will be to build a global community of agricultural innovation across different geographies, disciplines, and levels of experience.

AGREA, in partnership with, will be hosting LEAF from September 29 & 30, 2018, with a goal of reaching a diverse audience of up to 500delegates. The event will run for two days in total at Taal Vista Hotel in Tagaytay, Philippines. The first day will include keynote speeches and group sessions led by an array of high-caliber speakers. LEAF is unique in that it will emphasize systems, design-thinking, mentorship, and interactive learning. Within the Forum, AGREA also plans to host a sustainability expo, highlighting vendors of sustainable food, goods, and services. On LEAF’s final day, delegates will have the opportunity to observe their learnings in action by touring model farms in the area.

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