Agot Isidro Reveals *This* Song Always Used to Trigger Her Panic Attacks

Here’s a question for you: is there a song that always makes you remember painful memories when you hear it being played? The kind of song that you can’t stand listening to because of how bad you end up feeling?

Actress Agot Isidro revealed to fans and friends what her trigger song was and opened up on how she learned to overcome it.

Posting a screenshot of the song “Bubbly” by Colbie Caillat on Instagram, the actress explained just how much the song has affected her for the past years.

“For a decade, this song gave me panic attacks. It triggered memories of a very dark time in my life. At one point, I ran, in tears, out of a shoe store in an outlet mall in California when I heard this song play. And that’s Disneyland for a lot of women. Every time I hear the intro, I would skip or change [the] station or simply walk out of the establishment,” she began.

For some, a song that triggers so much pain is difficult to move on from. But upon hearing the song again last week, Agot realized that she has come such a long way with her healing process that, finally, she felt nothing while listening to it.

“Today, on a long drive, this came out of the mix. Didn’t hear this for so long. So I said, “Sige nga.” Nothing. Was even singing along. So yes, BREAKTHROUGH! So proud of myself, and where I am. Long journey, but we get there,” she said.

“So point of the story, no matter where you are in life, you will be ok. We will be ok.”

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