Agor’s Co-working Cafe: A Community Within a Community 

Photos by: Vivien del Valle

The usual challenge for freelancers is looking for a place to work in. They usually go to cafes to work since staying at home more often than not slows down one’s productivity. It can, however, be costly in terms of money and comfort; that is why the idea of co-working spaces emerged. 

Co-working spaces provide a venue specifically for freelancers to do their tasks with the utmost comfortability and ease. You get access to high-speed Wi-Fi, sockets practically everywhere, a variety of working areas such as desks, sofas, etc., and even unlimited coffee! It’s like a specialized cafe, but way better. If you’re new to this concept, let me recommend one first-timer-friendly co-working space that captured my attention: Agor’s Coworking Cafe. 

Agors Coworking Cafe 2

Photo by Vivien del Valle

Agor’s Co-working Café is a collaborative creative hub located in a village in Congressional, Quezon City. It can only accommodate up to an estimated number of 20 people, but that’s the beauty of it—it gives off a relaxed environment (away from high traffic areas) that is both casual and free from any other disruptions.  

The place got its name from the owner’s father, Agor. Since Agor used to have his own barbershop, Agor’s Co-working Cafe decided to recreate the barbershop theme to keep the family legacy running even in a different form. The interior is still sleek and retro; you’ll see vintage items and metallic tones in the décor.

Agors Coworking Cafe 6

Photo by Vivien del Valle

Aside from the retro look, the owner wants to brand the space as a center where people can do their work productively and collaborate with others in a cozy set-up. 

Aside from the aforementioned hotdesking (meaning you are free to sit anywhere) and sockets all around, you can enjoy 20mbps Wi-Fi. The owner understands the need for this, so you could work seamlessly without the frustration of slow Internet speeds.

Agors Coworking Cafe 5

Photo by Vivien del Valle

While working, you are free to drink as much coffee and/or water as you need. Just make sure you share and clean up after using the cups/glasses there! You’re also allowed to bring in food since there aren’t many establishments around the area.

Agors Coworking Cafe 3

Photo by Vivien del Valle

They also promote physical and mental alertness. Agor’s Co-working Café wants to veer away from the typical office culture as much as possible, so they put up activities you can do inside the café for you to move and keep your body and mind awake. They have activities such as dart throwing, weightlifting, and trampoline jumping! The trampoline is a surprise for guests and is not available daily; if you’re lucky, you might visit on a trampoline day!

DSC 2075

Photo by Vivien del Valle

You can also keep your mind going by reading a book, playing board games, and even playing instruments when you need to take a breather. These are things you can’t normally do in an office, but if you’re ever caught in a stump here, activities are available to get your creative juices flowing. 

If you need a private room to pitch something to a client or brainstorm with a co-workers, Agor’s Co-working Café has one specifically for those purposes. It’s a quirky little space that can fit up to four people. A projector is available for use to make your meeting more professional.

Agors Coworking Cafe 4

Photo by Vivien del Valle

Agor’s Co-working Café plans on building more meeting rooms, too!

As mentioned, Agor’s Co-working Café is a place for collaboration. Sure, you can go there alone, but the beauty of co-working spaces is that you can meet like-minded people there. For all you know, you might even end up working on a project together in the future!

Just remember: this is a coworking space, not a library—you are free to be as casual as you can be compared to offices. That being said, you can network with other people—create friends or potential business partners—and create a community of digital nomads within another community—literally because Agor’s Co-working Café is located in a village!

DSC 1998

Photo by Vivien del Valle

There are several passes you can avail to gain entry to Agor’s Co-working Space:

Outsider Pass (Php300) – Day pass
Nomad Pass (Php600) – 3-Day Pass Valid for 1 Week
Traveler Pass (Php800) – 7-Day Pass Valid for 1 Month
Resident Pass (Php2300) – 30-Day Pass Valid for 3 Months

Visiting Hours – 10 AM – 11 PM Monday to Friday ; 1 PM – 11PM Saturday
*They only accept online payments via PayPal on the space 

If you’ve become a regular, they have lockers for rent for Php300/month. Again, this is quite limited, so you need to request for it early. 

 (Can’t get enough of all things retro? Check out this barbershop!)

Sounds like a good place to work in, right? Try it out and you might even find yourself staying there longer than expected! At the end of the day, it’s all about finishing what has to be done and Agor’s Coworking Café can make that happen.  

Agor’s Co-working Café

12 June Street, Congressional Avenue, Quezon City 


Website: https://www.agorscoworking.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/agorscoworking

Instagram: @agorscoworking