After Her Controversial Rant, Sarah Wurtzbach Has New Message to Public About Sister Pia

Siblings Sarah and Pia Wurtzbach became the talk of the town this past week after Sarah suddenly wrote scathing remarks about the Miss Universe titleholder on her Instagram stories.


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In the posts, Sarah heavily criticized Pia for allegedly not being a supportive sister to her, specifically for siding with their mother, Cheryl Alonzo Tyndall, with whom Sarah is not on good terms with, and for not giving her financial aid at her time of need.

The controversial rant blew up on social media as many were left shocked and dismayed by the allegations made towards the beauty queen. Fans started calling out Pia as a result, which alerted Sarah to release a follow-up statement to defend herself and her sister.

“Stop hating on Pia. Yes I am angry and still am, but your words will not fix anything,” she had said on her post on Monday, October 12. “If anything, you’re condoning negativity and that’s what’s wrong with the world, and that’s what’s wrong with you.”

She also said that she’s “fighting a losing battle every day” and apologized for taking it “too far.”

“Being silenced for many years takes a toll on you,” she continued. “I don’t want fame, or be acknowledged by others, or money, or things. I really just want a hug.. I feel so alone everyday.”

She then expressed how she’d rather vent to release the pain within her just so she can be strong to live another day for her kids.

Meanwhile, Pia has yet to release her own public statement but reports say that she is on her way to the United Kingdom to most likely patch things up with her sister.

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