Affordable Speakers for Your Office, Home, or Your Next Party

I’ve been looking for some speakers for our living room. I must admit I found many options, but they were all out of my price range. I wanted to transform our living room to a home theater, so I can watch movies and binge-watch my favorite series with the family – but of course, I had a certain budget in mind.

I found some really good ones, but almost of them cost more than Php10,000; that wasn’t gonna work for me. I told myself that I would only spend Php6,000 max. Luckily, I found a set of Edifier Speakers that cost only R1580MB SRP 4,800. It’s a pretty good deal, especially for quality ones that I can connect to my phone via Bluetooth or AUX, and can connect directly to the TV.

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This is the Edifier R1580MB. It runs on 42 watts RMS from its 4-inch bass driver and 13mm tweeter drivers in each speaker.

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You can control the bass at the back of the speakers and there is also a mic input, which is perfect for small events and get-togethers.

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The set includes the speaker connecting cable, 3.55mm to RCA cable, RCA to RCA cable, and a remote control.

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What I love most about this unit is how big the sound is. It the perfect sound system for meetings, intimate events, and even house parties. You can easily adjust the bass, treble, and volume through the dials on the side of the unit to give off a richer and fuller sound.

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I tried playing music through the AUX and its maximum volume didn’t disappoint. I also tried it in our living room to watch an action movie, and the sound is superb – just like having a mini cinema at home. The best thing about the Edifier R1580MB? Great performance without breaking the bank!


Website: https://banbros.ph

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/edifierphil