Feeling Crabby? These Affordable Seafood Platters Will Make You Feel Better in No Time

What’s your favorite type of food? I don’t know about you; but when I’m having a bad day, seafood always makes me feel better. And while shrimp might be a good choice and crabs are always good; the best type of seafood is a platter that includes all kinds of seafood on it! That way, you have a lot of options to keep you happy; and you’ll have enough to share with your entire family to make them happy, as well!

We’ve recently discovered two online stores that can deliver delicious seafood platters to the safety of your homes whenever you need a pick-me-up or are simply craving for some good ol’ seafood. And the best part? They’re super affordable!

Hammock Kitchenette (@hammockkitchenette)


Hammock Kitchenette Seafood Platter

Photo from Hammock Kitchenette

Hammock Kitchenette is a little nook that started as a passion project back in September 2015. Since there weren’t a lot of food choices in Mandaluyong aside from the ‘silog’ concept at the time, they decided to offer good home-cooked food that could usually only be found at higher prices at the malls.

The backbone of their menu is what their lolas would usually serve at affordable prices. That is why it is mostly Filipino, but with a Western touch to modernize the menu. Whether you’re having a crazily busy day, are feeling sad, or want to celebrate a special occasion; their comfort food is always a good choice.

Their bestsellers include their bagnet offerings, signature glazed chicken, and their famous kare-kare sauce (which is available in bagnet and seafood). Their servings are also available in single, double, and half and full trays. Their seafood trays are good for 4-6 pax and are so flavorful, you’ll find yourself craving for more in no time.

Bankusinero (@bankusinero)


Bankusinero Seafood Platter

Photo from Bankusinero

Bankusinero is the joint venture of Aura Palapo, who helps with preparations and marketing, and her boyfriend Patrick, who is in charge of all the cooking. It all started with Aura’s cravings. She was craving for a mixed seafood platter and Pat told her not to order since he would cook his own version instead. The result? Everything Aura knew she wanted. It didn’t just satisfy Aura’s cravings, either; Pat’s entire family loved it! Since online food selling was a trend at the time, they decided to try selling it, too. With enough of Aura’s persistence, Pat gave in and Bankusinero was born (a name that stems from the fact that they are full-time bankers on weekdays).

Bankusinero wants to defy the stereotype that seafood is always expensive, offering quality meals served at the comforts of your homes at a very reasonable price. As of the moment, their menu has a variety of platters to satisfy sudden cravings or to serve at special occasion or celebrations; and we highly recommend ordering from them! Pat still has other recipes he’d like to share; but since their resources are still quite limited at the moment, they decided to stick with seafood for now.

Know of any other places that offers affordable seafood platters? Share them with us!

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