Affordable Good Eats at The Food Junction in Eastwood City Walk

Last weekend, I discovered an area in Eastwood called The Food Junction. Eastwood City has always been that one place for me where I find that there are a lot of stores to explore and I love that everytime I go there (which isn’t often), there’s always something new that I can classify as a wonderful find. When in Manila, and whether you’re just there hanging out with friends, The Food Junction is an affordable place to grab a quick bite.


Coming from the ground floor, The Food Junction is on the second floor. You may reach it via escalator or a bridge way connecting to Eastwood Mall. Just look at the ceiling design atop the escalators. I really loved it.


Upon entering the area, I was already impressed. I took in all the play of colors and the overall modern style of the place. The light fixtures were nice additions too.



As you can see in the pictures, although the place isn’t quite big, there were still a lot of food vendors to choose from.


This T-bone steak from Steak Break finally won me over. At Php 135 only it was already getting a thumbs-up from me. It also came with a complimentary extra rice. Most importantly, it tasted sooo good.


I find that The Food Junction is a good affordable place to go to fill hungry tummies especially when you’re in a budget. Yes, it is essentially a food court but the good design of the place doesn’t make it feel so. I’m sure you’ll enjoy all the good food.

The Food Junction

Eastwood City

Eastwood City Walk 2nd Floor


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