Affordable Eats: 5 Places with Great Food and Even Better Prices!

For most of us, the weekend is meant as a break from the chores and work during the week. But for foodies, nothing is more rewarding than going out for some delicious food to fill our bellies. As much as we’d love to eat out at our favorite high-end sushi restaurant every weekend, it’s not usually in our budget to do so. So, we are always on the lookout for lesser-known places with more budget-friendly menus, or where we can at least get the most bang for our buck. Here’s a compilation of some of my favorite recent discoveries for a wallet-friendly experience!


5. Alfarsi Persian Grill

This delicious Persian Grill was something that my husband and I stumbled upon by accident. We were driving around Maginhawa aka “Eat Street” with just 500 php in our pockets and dinner plans already in mind. It turned out the place we were heading to was closed, but I daresay it turned out for the best as we found a restaurant even more spectacular!


The service here was great and, for just a little over 400 pesos, we were able to get three generous cups of kabsa rice, a super flavorful red rice, two deliciously flavorful viands, grilled tomatoes and onions to pair with it, and some refreshing house-blend iced tea for me and my husband. This small open-dining restaurant is something you don’t want to overlook. We talked well into the night about how delicious the food was and how satisfied our bellies were!


4. Calda Pizza

Calda Pizza is actually a place that was one of our favorites when we lived in Zamboanga City. We were super surprised and extremely happy when we discovered that they had branches here! Calda offers a great menu with a lot of variety and many different toppings to choose from; everything from pineapple and hungarian sausage to jalapenos and bacon!


The price for an 11″ pizza ranges from 165-310php, depending on the toppings, of course. My husband and I eat a lot when it comes to pizza, so we usually order 2 different pizzas and end up spending around 400-500 pesos. Pictured here is the Napoletana (left photo) and the Torinesec(right photo). Calda’s handmade dough is super delicious and the wide array of toppings to pick from makes Calda an easy choice to satisfy our pizza cravings.


3. Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things

Buffalo wings have always been one of my favorite things, and as much as I hate to say it, a lot of places in Manila don’t quite get it right. So I was ecstatic when I gave Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things a shot, because I finally found the place to call my buffalo wings haven. They also have other choices such as hamburgers and nachos, but buffalo wings are their specialty and definitely the star of the show.


I’ve always preferred boneless buffalo wings to their bony counterpart; I want to just sink my teeth into pure meat and not stop. Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things have gotten the classic tangy orange buffalo sauce down to an art. They have many flavors to choose from for those who prefer different levels of spiciness or flavors other than buffalo sauce, but for me it’s gotta be the Firehouse Classic sauce every time. A single order of these delicious “No Bones Fun” wings is just 139 php, or you can order a single portion (1/2 pound) of wings with bones for 149 php, if that’s more your style.


2. Hermanos Taco Shop

Hermanos Taco Shop on Granada Avenue is one of the pricier selections listed here, but the serving sizes make up for it. This place really gives you what you pay for, so prepare your stomach for a large and delicious meal!


When I go for Mexican food, I’ve always been an enchilada girl. I ordered Hermanos’ shredded chicken enchiladas and they came served with salsa, Mexican red rice, and refried beans served inside a taco shell. Everything was delicious, and my stomach was packed full by the time that I finished. The burrito that my husband ordered was close to 300 pesos, I believe, but since it was loaded with meat and was about the size of his head, we decided the price was very fair!


1. Sushi-Ya

Saving money doesn’t always have to mean skipping sushi! When we’re trying to keep the reins on our budget a little bit tighter but we still want to get some good sushi, Sushi-Ya at Robinson’s Galleria is always our destination.


Sushi-Ya’s fancier maki rolls are all just 200 php each, and their Sushi-Ya Sunrise Roll (the one in the picture with the tuna and tobiko on top) is always in the back of my mind. This platter here was 6oo pesos total. The best part about sushi is that it’s a complete meal: meat, rice, and sometimes even fruits or veggies all in one roll! If you’re looking for affordable sushi beyond the usual California Maki, Sushi-Ya is the place to go.




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