AdX 360˚: Creativity in Motion

AdX 360

What is AdX?

AdX is AdCreate Society’s annual advertising conference held in De La Salle University. It is open to all who are interested to know more than just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to advertising. AdX is all about showing people a different perspective.

At 0˚ the average person knows absolutely nothing about the hard work and non-stop, 24/7, creative thinking an advertiser has to go through. Countless revisions and brain storming sessions just to get a commercial approved.

At 90˚ AdCreate Society has provided numerous talks where people start to appreciate the wonders of advertising. Advertising does not sell products; it sells ideas.

At 180˚ AdX has broken the barrier and has given the people “AdX: Decoded” where it provides them an in-depth view of how an advertising agency functions.

At 270˚ AdCreate Society has gone beyond the norm. “AdX: Limitless” was introduced where it focused on below-the-line advertisements. It showed people that advertising indeed has no boundaries.

This year, AdX comes full circle as AdCreate Society proudly presents “AdX 360 ˚”. This time, it focuses more on the behind the scenes of advertisements and the creativity it embodies; a new turn from the conventional talks and conferences. Witness how production houses work their magic and reveal to you the blueprints of Radio Ads, TV commercials, and Food Styling. Aside from that, it will also feature tips and tricks to match your wits.

Creativity can go a long way when you know how it’s done.

Mark your calendars as #DLSUgoes360 for AdX on April 11, 2015 (Saturday) from 8am – 12nn at the Natividad Fajardo Auditorium, DLSU.
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