Adventurous Couple Got Married at Mt. Everest—Take a Look at the Pictures!

“WE DID IT. James and Ashley married at Mt. Everest Base Camp (EBC) and became the first couple to exchange vows in a wedding dress and tux. And I, as an adventure wedding photographer, have been wanting to photograph a real wedding (with a wedding dress and suit) at Everest base camp since 2011. It’s one of the most epic and beautiful locations in the world that’s difficult to get to, and nobody’s done it before. So we are thrilled to have finally pulled it off.”

This is what Charleton Churchill, an adventure wedding photographer, wrote in his blog. He was the lucky photographer commissioned for this incredible wedding.

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When the bride, Ashley, reached out to Charleton, she didn’t have in location in mind yet. But it had to be outdoors. It was Charleton who made the wild suggestion, and the rest is history. Charleton shared in his blog: “We trained for the year and planned to be on the mountain for 2-3 weeks in order to acclimatize our way up to base camp so James and Ashley can get married and get a few photos.”

All the training and preparations proved fruitful though as James and Ashley tied the knot at the Everest Base Camp last March 16th 2017. And the photos speak for the grandeur of it all. Take a look:

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