Adventure Underwear: Safeguards Your Valuables When You Travel Without Sacrificing Comfort or Style


Adventure Underwear’s Mission

At Adventure Underwear, our mission is to provide a practical solution to safeguarding your valuables when you travel without sacrificing comfort or style.  


Travel should be a memorable experience because of the fun and exciting things you did, not because you had your wallet stolen or had a difficult time re-entering the country without your passport!


We’ve created a practical solution to preventing travel theft in the form of premium merino wool underwear with hidden waterproof pockets that keep your valuables safe anytime, anywhere.


Adventure Underwear was created for travelers by travelers. After hearing countless stories from fellow world travelers about stolen cameras, passports, and wallets, we knew we had to develop a solution to safeguard our valuables. The traditional approaches like money belts are uncomfortable, difficult to access, and obvious to criminals and pick pocketers.


We interviewed hundreds of travelers and discovered that other people were having the same frustrations as us, so we took our idea to prototype.  Two things we learned from speaking to fellow travelersis that our underwear had to be both comfortable AND practical.  


When it came to fabric we wouldn’t settle for anything but the best, so we chose superfine merino wool, which is soft, lightweight, breathable, quick drying, and doesn’t hold odours. Travelers who are familiar with superfine merino wool know that this material is a far superior fabric to cotton or polyester and that it keeps you warm in cold weather, and cool in hot climates.  


Next we built two pockets into our underwear. One is quick access, an easy place to store cash or credit cards. The other is certified waterproof up to 600m/200ft deep by Scuba Schools International. The patented waterproof pockets are made in the USA from new age polyethylene so there are absolutely no BPA’s or harmful chemicals added. The pockets are 100% recyclable and rated food safe by the FDA and NSF.


We tested our prototype underwear on hundreds of travelers around the world, using their feedback to tweak our design and improve the usability of our product.

Our ultimate goal is to rid the world of dorky looking money belts forever and replace them with stylish, comfortable and practical Adventure Underwear, allowing people the freedom to do what they want when they want.


for more info, visit www.adventureunderwear.com/kickstarter


Adventure Underwear: Safeguards Your Valuables When You Travel Without Sacrificing Comfort or Style