Adobo Festival of Ideas 2016: Brand With Soul, Brand With Compassion


This year’s Adobo Festival of Ideas, which was held last November 30 at Resorts World Manila, had a thought-provoking theme: “Create. Innovate. Or Die.”

Apparently, this is applicable even in life in general because those who fail to create and innovate, perishes.

What I have learned from the recent Adobo Festival of Ideas is how brand create strategies nowadays.

Adobo Magazine Festival of Ideas 2016

From L-R: Angel Guerrero (Editor-in-Chief of Adobo Magazine), Wain Choi (Senior Vice President and Chief Creative Officer at Cheil Worldwide Inc.), Anna Meloto Wilk (President and Co-Founder of Human Nature), and Caloy Sambrano(Managing Partner of OgilvyOne Manila)

Brand With Soul

It is important for a brand to have a soul, as emphasized by Wain Choi, Senior Vice President and Chief Creative Officer at Cheil Worldwide Inc.

In order for a brand to get notice and thrive, it has to launch people and not products.

For instance, if a new technology product is created, the best way to market it is not to talk about how it looks or what its specifications are. The best way to do it is to show how people can benefit from it and how it can change lives.

Choi ended his talk with, “Technology should involve humanity, otherwise, it’s just technology.

Brand With Compassion

Human Nature co-founder, Anna Meloto Wilk, discussed how doing the right thing attracts the positive things that will build your brand.

She mentioned that instead of just promoting a lifestyle, a brand should improve the quality of life through the products and services you create. Apparently, this goes hand in hand with Choi’s talk.

To build a brand with compassion, you should have an open mind – you should travel, talk to people, and look at the stars and not just your phone.

She also challenged people with this question, “Most companies see people as sheep, as they fleece people off their money. But why fleece them when you can shepherd them?”

In a way, this is how they were able to build a reputation for Human Nature.

Key Takeaway

These are a few things I have learned from the recent Adobo Festival of Ideas.

These things make sense though. In order for a brand to get noticed in a world filled with lots of brands, you need to have a human factor in it. Otherwise, it is just a meaningless brand.

Find the thing in your brand that can help launch people and change lives, instead of just describing your products or services.

If you’re someone who works to launch a brand, you may find these two things useful.

Have you attended Adobo Festival of Ideas 2016? Share with us the insights you’ve learned!