Adidas Launches New Active Skin & Mind Line for Fast Skin Recovery

Adidas has launched the Active Skin & Mind shower gel range – an active support system designed to revitalize both body and mind for peak athletic performance. The innovative products provide fast skin recovery with hydrating ingredients like glycerol and hyaluronic acid, while infusing mind-boosting essential oil blends to awaken the senses before exercise and promote relaxation after.

Adidas Active Skin & Mind Line

More than just workout accessories, the Active Skin & Mind gels recognize that skin is the ultimate sports equipment – protecting and enabling the body through every active movement. Yet skin care is often overlooked in traditional pre/post-exercise routines. These formulas elevate skin to an equal priority, priming and revitalizing users with active, holistic rituals.

Rejuvenate Mind and Body

Crafted by sports scientists, the range offers six targeted formulas to help prime the skin and mind before any physical activity, by refreshing and rebalancing the senses to help active users achieve optimal performance and recovery. Boasting a wide range of variants and benefits, including; the invigorating Energy kick with citrus and mint for pre-workout energy; the ultra-nourishing Deep Care with marula oil to replenish skin post-exercise; detoxifying Skin Detox with charcoal and green tea to purify pores; calming Pre Sleep with lavender and chamomile to aid overnight muscle recovery; and a menthol-spiked Cooldown gel providing icy-fresh relief for tired muscles.

Adidas Active Skin & Mind Line

The Active Skin & Mind range is designed to make that recovery process an equally critical part of the athlete’s routine. The new shower gels provide powerful hydration for the skin – our largest organ and first line of defense – while the essential oil blends work in harmony to re-energize the senses before activity and restore mental focus after.”

Commitment to Athletes and the Planet

Active Skin & Mind shower gels use sulfate-free and clean formulas, suitable for those with sensitive skin types. The vegan shower gel formulas are 98% biodegradable and packed in 100% recycled material; massive industry leading step change towards sustainability.

Adidas Active Skin & Mind Line

The products contain a unique complex of glycerol and hyaluronic acid – which are powerful ingredients existing naturally in our skin, that help speed up skin moisture recovery and increase the skin hydration level by +31% directly after rinsing, while protecting it from dryness. 

Pricing & Availability

The Adidas Active Skin & Mind shower gels retail at $14.05 each, and are available at all Guardian stores island-wide and on Guardian.com.sg.

Adidas Active Skin & Mind Pop Up

Adidas Active Skin & Mind Pop-up

To celebrate the launch, Adidas Singapore will host a 3-day Active Skin & Mind Pop-Up at Kallang Wave Mall from June 21st – 23rd. Situated in front of Climb Central, the pop-up will offer complimentary workout sessions like yoga, HIIT and rock climbing for those who purchase 2+ shower gels from Guardian. Attendees can also sample the revitalizing products, and snap selfies at experiential stations. Additionally, purchasing 2 or more shower gels from Guardian will enter customers into a lucky draw for a 3D2N Fitness Retreat in Bali.