Add Flair To Your System with Tweakware Radiant Flux HD

Getting a bit bored of your system and can’t wait to add some flair to it? Why not try sprucing it up with light strips? Light strips are added to a PC system to illuminate its interior and add aesthetic to its rigs.

Tweakware is a new local player in the market that offers LED strip kits equipped with a heatsink to ensure that your system’s lighting game is A+, and that you’re running cool all the time for it to last longer and brighter.


Radiant Flux HD is available in single and double led strip kits and costs Php1,099 and Php2,199, respectively.


Tweakware’s Radiant Flux HD will be a delight to case modders with its 5th Gen LED chip, which emits a wide range RGB color. Each LED strip is 12 inches with 15 bulbs of 2500 lumens.


What’s in the Box?

  • 2x RGB LED Strips with Heatsink
  • 1x Power adapter with IR sensor
  • 1x Remote Control
  • 1x Controller Manual


The Radiant Flux HD is equipped with the plug-and-play IR sensor that lets you customize the color, brightness, and spectrum cycle with ease. You can play around with its 16 static color options and four LED modes – Flash, Strobe, Fade, and Smooth – to fit your desired color theme.


How to Get Your LED Strip Running?

  1. Connect the output molex to your LED strips. Just remove the LED strips’ tape backing for easy attachment to your PC case.
  2. Power it up by connecting the power adapter to your PSU’s molex.
  3. Press the ON button on the remote and feel free to tweak its color and modes as you please.


You might be wondering what the heatsink feature does. Well, Radiant Flux’s built-in heatsink provides a path for heat to travel from LED light source, meaning it will dissipate the heat generated by it. What good does this do for your LED strip? It will help increase the LED’s lifetime, efficiency, and quality.

Did I mention that Tweakware offers a 3-year warranty with the Radiant Flux HD? Yep, they do. So go get yourself Tweakware’s Radiant Flux HD if you want to give your system an upgrade and a bit more flair.


Contact No.: +63 956 516 1463 / +63 949 736 5756



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