Acts of Kindness: Man Helps, then Dines with Old Homeless Woman

I’m pretty sure most of us look forward to positive changes. We see a homeless man on the street begging for food or a filthy child knocking on our windows and part of us wishes we could do something… the thing us, we usually can but prefer not to. Do you agree? Sometimes, a simple smile or kind gesture goes a long way, and yet we hesitate and end up not doing anything. I know as I too am guilty of such things sometimes.

A few days ago, Hillary Aguada shared a touching experience she had while at a fast food restaurant in Baguio City. I had goosebumps reading it and couldn’t help but smile, so I knew we had to share it with all of you as well.

helping out the needy

“Okay I just need to share this because Im really moved by the kindness of this man on the right side of the picture.

It was really cold and raining here in Baguio city. I just came home from work and my room mate asked if we could go out and eat dinner.

We walked up and down Session Road to find the perfect spot to eat and decided to just eat at KFC upper Session Road.

A man was in front of me and was already finished ordering when I noticed an old woman in ragged and layered clothes, and slippers that looked really thin and worn out.

The woman was just standing there and a cashier prompted her to place her order. I didn’t know the cashier’s purpose but she seemed to know that the old woman was homeless. The old woman placed her order, maybe in hopes that the cashier would be kind enough to just give her the food for free ( i dunno ) The cashier said, “100 pesos po.”

Upon hearing this, the guy in front of me, who finished ordering his food, was also observing and probably listening to the conversation of the old woman and the cashier. He grabbed his wallet and handed his 500peso bill to the cashier and PAID FOR THE OLD LADY’S MEAL.

I tapped the man’s shoulder and I was just so blessed and overwhelmed by what he did, I told him “May God bless you even more Kuya!”. He was actually a Korean and he smiled from ear to ear.

And it didn’t end there. HE actually sat with the old lady while having their dinner.

My heart melted. This man just reflected JESUS and His heart. Wow!!

GOD is indeed good! God indeed blesses His people! God indeed loves His children! God is moving in the hearts of these people!”

To this man, THANK YOU for being a blessing… not just to the old lady but to everyone hearing about your story! I wish I can be more like you. We definitely need more selfless and generous people in this world. Thank you as well to Hillary for capturing this beautiful moment and sharing it with all of us.

What do you think of this man’s kind gesture? Would you have done the same?


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