ACOMM celebrates media month

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The Ateneo Association of Communication Majors will be celebrating Media Month: Unconventional Media throughout March 2019 by holding a series of events catering to the four Communication tracks: Advertising & Public Relations, Journalism, Media Studies, and Production. These events aim to give the spotlight to more unconventional forms or aspects of media while also highlighting the various tasks and tools needed for a media-related practitioner.

During the month-long event, all attendees will partake in the following activities: talks on the Life of Public Relations Professionals, Live Tweeting, and the Philosophy of Film to be held on March 4, March 13, and March 18 respectively, a film screening hosted by MIRLab, and a DJ For a Day competition hosted by MAGIS Radio. (Note: The current program flow is still subject to change.)

With mainstream media being a highly influential part of the Atenean community, this project hopes to expose student media practitioners to other less prominent media forms, giving them more platforms to use as avenues of expression and creativity.

This event is open to all Ateneans. For more information and concerns, please contact Isaiah Limpin at +639173169300, or visit the official Facebook page of Ateneo ACOMM (, Twitter and Instagram (@AteneoACOMM).