Achieving Goals in “WERK IN PROGRESS:” a Must-Watch for Millennials

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Let’s werk this out! Career. Love. Life. We all want to make it work! But how? How do we make choices? And how are we shaped by the choices we make? BLACK CANVAS offers you Werk in Progress, an original devised theater featuring an ensemble of actors from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. This multi-media performance aims to explore answers and questions about goals, choices and the interconnectedness of our experiences.

            Black Canvas is a young creative group supporting arts education and multi-arts collaboration. It is home to original works tackling gender, human values and relationships such as “I, Label,” “I Valyou Very Much,” “Who Got Hugot?” – a multi-arts party featuring young collaborators including the phenomenal spoken-word artist, “Juan Miguel Severo” and the Aliw Award Finalist for Best Duo and Best Direction “Kyemestry.” It’s Director/Founder Abner Delina Jr., is an actor, director and coach partnering with NCCA, CCP and DepEd for theater and arts education all over the Philippines. His passion for collaboration inspired him to gather and create with an ensemble of storyteller-actors born and raised from the different parts of the Philippines.

“We are always troubled with our choices. We encounter more people who are easily frustrated about success. We want to probe into these questions deeper. I believe that theatre can heal our hearts and strengthen the human connection we have for each other. I hope that through live theater performance, we can achieve that with our audiences.”

            Werk In Progress features a diverse ensemble of actors from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao namely; Jerom Canlas, Blanche Buhia, Cholo Ledesma, Gian Viatka Malizon, Neil Nilog, Donna Cariaga, Bunny Cadag and Denise Aguilar. “We want to communicate to the millennial generation new ways of understanding our cultural diversity as a nation, while discovering fresh perspectives on what really unites us as Filipinos and as human beings.” Said Founder/Director Abner Delina Jr. “We are also very excited and honored that our world-premiere will be at the Cultural Center of the Philippines.”

Werk in Progress is Black Canvas’s official entry for the Fringe Festival 2017. Showdates are on Feb 18 at 3 PM, Feb 24 at 8 PM and Feb 26 at 3 PM and 8 PM Tanghalang Huseng Batute, Cultural Center of the Philippines. For tickets, you may contact 09165234709 or Ticketworld at 891-9999 or reserve through

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