ACES General Assembly

Eminence — a condition of being well-known and successful.

Spearheaded by the socio-cultural team head, Ms. Chally Arceo, and the Officer-in-Charge, John Rex Reyes, ‘Eminence’ is the pinnacle that this academic year’s batch of UST Association of Civil Engineering Students’ (UST-ACES) executive board and teams desire to reach for the annual General Assembly held at the ABS-CBN Vertis Tent last October 29.

                                                    The glitter, glamour, fierce, suave and the minimalistic look or in any way eminence can be embodied were paraded well by the civil engineering students. To each his own, indeed, the event became a medium to express one’s taste of fashion.

However, more than the sophisticated gowns and vivid suit and ties, the organization aimed to interpret eminence in a deeper form. Coming from last year’s ‘Musical’ theme, this year’s ‘Around the World’ was even more phenomenal, a cultural explosion, a tour of diversity, and a stage to make eminent the issues and crises of the nations.

The countries represented by the students are Korea, France, USA, Brazil, South Africa, China, India, Egypt, Jamaica, Mexico, Syria, Spain, Greece and Japan.

               After the creative props and the graceful choreography were featured in the performances, 3 countries stood out the most for the judges and were declared winners.

The 2nd runner-up was Jamaica as they feature the singer-songwriter Bob Marley and the battle of the country for peace and unity.

On the other hand, the 1st runner-up, Japan, depicted the country’s transition from the ancient emperors and geishas to World War II and to modern Japan today.

And the champions, the United States of America, as they perform the culture of the native Americans, the issue of slavery and discrimination, and the current crisis regarding immigrants.

The event ended with the students showcasing their musical talents as the bands 1906 and Aftermath serenaded the crowd with OPM.

Indeed, the event served beyond its goal of eminence. It will surely mark as a challenge for the next batch of UST-ACES leaders to set the bar higher in reforming this UST civil engineering tradition is not only a celebration but also a movement.


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