Acer Showcases Its Premium Line of Devices to Get that #PowerLook

When power and elegance are combined, you get Acer’s latest lineup of premium devices.

Crafted to provide on an elite selection of the best of Acer products and born out of the brand’s core mission of connecting technology to people, Acer Premium is the brand’s response to the continuous clamor for top-of-the-line devices of tech-savvy and sophisticated consumers.

Part of the exclusive Acer Premium selection is Acer’s smart and sleek 2-in-1 notebooks, powerful desktops, vibrant monitors, and other intelligent mobility devices.

For the power user who have a great need to multitask, Acer Premium unveiled the Aspire R13, which is a brilliant notebook convertible that is engineered with the brand’s trademark Ezel Aero Hinge. This allows smooth transition among six user modes. Additionally, the notebook is protected by Corning Gorilla Glasss 3 case, which makes it tough and gives it a striking look.

Acer Aspire R13Acer Aspire R13

For on-the-go users who demand high performance, Acer Premium offers the Aspire Switch 12, Aspire Switch 11, and Aspire Switch 10.

The Aspire Switch 12 comes with a well-designed keyboard that allows flawless switching among five modes. At its heart is an Intel Core M processor, which shows that it is power-packed. It carries a 128 GB SSD storage and boasts a Full HD IPS display.

Acer Switch 12Acer Switch 12

Meanwhile, the Aspire Switch 11 is a 2-in-1 device that flips, folds, docks, and detaches to meet all the demands of a mobile power user.

A minimalist PC but offers ample power for huge data and can work as an entertainment hub, the Acer Revo has up to 5 TB of storage space for all your photos, videos, music, and other multimedia content. It runs on an Intel Core processor to guarantee swift access to your data. Its small size makes it perfectly fit into any space at home.

Acer Aspire Revo One and H6510BD projectorAcer Aspire Revo One and H6510BD projector

For hardcore gamers, Acer Premium has a full-throttle gaming notebook that comes with a dramatic blend of premium design and powerful interior. The Aspire V Nitro is equipped with the latest Intel Core i7 processor at its heart with a 60 GB SSD storage. Additionally, it has the cutting-edge NVIDIA GeForce GTX860M for the best graphics to enhance your overall gaming experience.

Acer V Nitro 17 (1) Acer V Nitro 17 (2) Acer V Nitro 17 (3)Acer V Nitro 17

The Acer Premium line also takes pride on other products that are hallmark of outstanding manufacturing and inspired development including the Aspire Z3615 All-in-One desktop, the H6510BD, P7605, and U5313W projectors, and the XB280HK monitor.

Acer Aspire Z3 615Acer Aspire Z3615 All-in-One desktop

Acer P7605 projectorAcer P7605 projector

For the smarphone category, Acer Premium has the Liquid X1 and Liquid Jade. Additionally, it has the Iconia Tab 8 and Iconia Tab 10 for the tablet category.

Acer Liquid JadeAcer Liquid Jade

Acer Liquid X1Acer Liquid X1

Acer Iconia Tab 8Acer Iconia Tab 8

Acer Iconia Tab 10Acer Iconia Tab 10

To complement the #PowerLook these Acer Premium devices exude, highly acclaimed actresses Cherie Gil and Celia Rodriguez were present during the showcase of these products.

The primera contravidas displayed their discriminating taste in everything, be it dining, shopping, and technology. Their #PowerLook is what gets them anything they want, which makes them perfect embodiment of these Acer Premium devices.

Acer Premium (1) Acer Premium (2) Acer Premium (3)

Acer Premium devices are now out in the market. If you want to achieve that #PowerLook and you are in search for the ideal tech devices that will give you this, you may want to check out Acer Premium.

Acer Premium

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