Why the Accutone Taurus is the Swiss Army Knife of Earphones

Accutone is a company most often associated with telephones and headsets. It’s not then a far leap to imagine this brand producing some very high-quality hi-fi earphones. The simple and sleek Accutone Taurus is one such set of earphones.


Accutone Taurus Review


To give the earphones a proper testing, I took it through two different audio situations, just to see how versatile they would prove. 



Accutone Taurus Earphones jsncruz

 Accutone Taurus in its classy simplicity. 




I’m a huge TES V: Skyrim geek, and that game is well-known for very rich environment sounds. The details of the landscape background noise are sometimes lost when on speakers. While the Accutone Taurus does not necessarily give a full immersion in the audio experience of Skyrim, it was a LOT better than when on speakers. The snug fit of the earphones ensured minimal external noise interfering with the game’s sounds. High notes such as bird chirps were clear and noticeable.

I also tested them using Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood‘s audio (another top-notch aural experience). Echoes and low notes were realistic enough that I enjoyed the game a lot more with my Accutone Taurus on.



Music and Video

I used my Accutone Taurus earphones while watching an episode of The Borgias (BorgiasAssassin’s Creed… I have a predictable taste in history) and again, the audio was a lot better than with speakers. The earphones weren’t very effective at delivering environmental sounds this time, but really, the fact that they are earphones redeem this easily in my books.

For music, I played Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Zephyr a couple of times. The Accutone Taurus earphones boast of hi-fi sound and superior bass and I felt the octaves of the bass lines of Zephyr would be a nice test to see if the earphones delivered on its claims. It was a pleasant experience then, when I picked out each and every note from the riffs (it’s one of my favorite songs to play on the bass, FYI) clearly and easily.



The Verdict

If you’re looking for a pair of high-quality earphones, seriously consider investing in a pair of Accutone Taurus. The earphones are fully customize-friendly, coming with its own mini-hardware kit and a small leather carrying case. A very good buy, whether you’re a casual gamer or a music geek.



Accutone Taurus Logo jsncruz



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Featured image from Hardware Zone, retrieved on November 12, 2012.

Accutone Taurus Review


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