According To Science, Women Prefer This Trait Over Good Looks in Men

Looks aren’t everything when it comes to a long-term relationship.


There’s a new study that shows women are more attracted to men for their altruism over their good looks when it comes to long-term relationship!

A study from the University of Worcester surveyed 202 straight women to compare a series of photographed men: one physically attractive and the other, less attractive.

According to the report:

Researchers then gave all the women different combinations of scenarios behind the photos. One scenario would show the highly attractive man buying a cup of tea and a sandwich for a homeless person while the less attractive would pretend to use his phone while walking past a homeless person.

In other scenarios, the roles were reversed.

The women were asked to rate the men’s level of attractiveness for long-term and short-term relationships. And as the study showed, women were more attracted to men who showed altruism to the homeless man, regardless of physical looks.

The study said:

“Men who were just altruistic were rated as more desirable than men who were just attractive. If a man possesses only one of those traits, it is altruism that is more valuable.”

An interesting point of the study showed that women did have different preferences, depending on long-term or short-term relationships. If women were just looking for a short-time fling, then the study shows that “bad boys” are more desirable.

“As an interestingly aside to this analysis, it was also found that nonaltruistic men were more desirable for ST relationships, which suggests that rather than altruism not being important in ST relationships, in the present study, it is actually undesirable.

So basically, not-so-hot guy with a golden heart, he’s a keeper. An attractive jerk, however, will do for a few nights.

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