According to Experts, This is When You Should Be Charging Your Phone

Many of us notice that our smartphone’s battery life gets worse over time. This is because of a combination of factors: the apps we use, the time we use our phone, and the notifications we receive. But it’s true, batteries tend to get weaker as they grow older. Knowing this, how do we take care of our battery so we don’t have to scramble for an outlet or our powerbanks more frequently?

According to Tech Advisor, batteries should always be between 50% to 90% most of the time. Never let it go below 20% so make sure to charge it when you’re nearing that number. Android Authority has similar advice, saying that you should charge only up to 80%. They added that small regular top-ups are much better in improving battery life than long full charge cycles.

Of course, having the right charger is just as important. A bad cable will just harm your phone. We trust Bridgetech, a line of long-lasting charging cables. They have undergone a series of manufacturing tests and have passed the EU and EN standards of Electro Magnetic Compatibility. That means they can even outlast your battery! In case it stops working, you can have it changed because it comes with a one-year warranty.

It comes in a nylon mesh body stored in a cool-looking aluminum alloy foil insulation shell. Because of that, it becomes tangle-free and easy to store.

There’s a Bridgetech cable for everyone as it comes in all types. And all the variants come at the price of P295, and can be purchased on Lazada and Shopee.






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