According to DOH, women drink more alcohol than men do

A recent study undertaken by the Department of Health (DOH) points to Filipino women as heavier drinkers than Filipino men.

This information came as a surprise to many people as it contradicts the stereotype that men are more likely to be drinkers. The study does, however, make the distinction that a larger number of men are active drinkers.

But the women who do drink tend to drink more or consume stronger alcohol as compared to men.

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The study also revealed that the age group that makes up the majority of alcohol consumers are from the ages of 15 to 29 years old. Based on interviews conducted by ABS-CBN, it seems like the drinking disparity amongst age groups is reliant on health. It’s easier for younger individuals to keep up with the drinking culture when their bodies don’t feel the after-effects of alcohol on their bodies quite as strongly.

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This is a concern for the DOH due to alcohol-related deaths. According to their 2016 statistics, 2,875 deaths were caused by drinking-and-driving traffic accidents. This was also their justification for backing the increase in excise tax of alcohol.

What do you think — does it really feel like women drink more than men do?