Academics Big Day Year II to happen this January 2017


Remember that the only way is up!

On January 15, 2017 (Sunday), NFJPIA Region IV will hold its biggest and long- awaited academic event called Academics Big Day Year II: To The Top at LPU Laguna, Calamba City Laguna. This will be a day filled with highly anticipated academic competitions such as RFBT quiz bee, MAS quiz bee, Auditing quiz bee, Tax quiz bee, FAR quiz bee, AFAR quiz bee, Basic accounting quiz bee, IT auditing quiz bee, Gen Info quiz bee, Accounting Genius Quiz bee, R4 Debate, MAS Case study competition, Audit and fraud case study, Audit case tournament and Tax Case study. The primary objectives of the event are as follows:

  • To promote academic excellence among the members of organization and help them deepen their knowledge in the different CPA board exam subjects and basic accounting subjects.
  • To allow the members to test their knowledge through a friendly, fun and competitive atmosphere.
  • To help the participants discover their strengths and be aware of their weaknesses in the different board- related subjects.
  • To promote camaraderie among the participants from the different local chapters in the Region IV.

            The above-mentioned academic activities are integral part of the total development of the region’s JPIAns. From these activities, the overall winners such as Overall ABD Champion, Overall 1st Runner up and 2nd Runner up shall be determined. This would be the region’s first event in 2017.