Abandonment Issues are at the Heart of ‘Sadako’

Updating ‘The Ring‘ movie series for a newer audience, ‘Sadako‘ reintroduces a classic Japanese horror trope to the big screen. If you are not used to it, you have to bear with the subtitles since there is no English dub. However, the subtitles properly reflect what is happening without losing the Japanese feel of the movie.

In this installment of the story of a vengeful spirit, we delve deep into Sadako’s origins and resurrection. It turns out there’s more to the story of Sadako’s wrath, and it originates primarily from childhood abandonment issues. You will be left wondering what would have happened if these issues were resolved rather than enhanced to affect the resolution of the story.


Regardless, ‘Sadako’ remains to be a psychological thriller that incorporates recent technology into its already storied lore.  The television is no longer a limitation to Sadako’s vengeance. ‘Sadako’ shows us that the vengeful spirit has access to new ways of pursuing her prey, and this expansion of feeding grounds is a frightful experience to the mind’s eye. Her reach has expanded beyond previous means.

Sadako 2

Still, Sadako has an established pattern to her prey.Once you find it out, you’ll realize all of her vengeance could have been prevented with one simple act of kindness. And isn’t this really the root of every evil? The loss of warmth and affection? The failure to express this kindness in due time unleashes the horror that is Sadako, while everyone else is left to the horror of her whims.

Sadako 3

You won’t help but feel empathy towards this tragic villain. Had things turned out differently, we wouldn’t have this vengeful spirit lurking in the background. Sadako’s tragic beginnings spawn from a very common theme, which allows her to proliferate herself through the years. So long as the origin of her transformation remains prevalent, she will continue to exist in every century.

If you want to experience a psychological Japanese horror, ‘Sadako’ is the film for you. It carries with it the history of previous films, while at the same time adding to its story to move Sadako’s existence forward.  This is no mere slasher film for it shows the reason for Sadak0’s continued existence through the years.

Sadako is now showing in cinemas for your scaring pleasure. Invite her to your mind if you dare.

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