ABaKaDa: Himig + Titik



Interior Design takes a new step on innovation, creativity and inclusivity in incorporating both community and design into one entity. With the creative interpretation of traditional Filipino nursery rhymes, the pioneer Interior Design graduating batch of De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde (DLS-CSB) launches its capstone project, ABaKaDa: Himig + Titik.

With Filipinos’ great endearment on music, it has been a staple amongst Filipino families to expose their children on nursery rhymes, folk songs and classic favorites, giving life to each household as they learn and play. The term “ABaKaDa” reflects the culture of incorporating songs in basic Filipino reading and writing. Melody (himig) linked with literacy (titik) create a building block necessary in developing a child’s learning, hence the project title.

The renovation project encompasses the flourishing creativity of rising design students as they renovate four different daycare centers in Manila to support a better community. Partnered with DLS-CSB’s Center for Social Action, the respective barangays agreed in taking part of building a strong and unique bond with the students through these different daycare centers. Each design was uniquely conceptualized from the nostalgia and cultural essence of traditional Filipino nursery rhymes, all infused with the learning strategies efficient today.

ABaKaDa: Himig + Titik presents the development of these spaces: from the roots to its flourishing improvement, leading unto the final masterpiece which distinctively portrays a singular entity in all the daycare centers. The exhibit leads you into thatjourney of transformation, unveiling its secrets through a display of photographs, video presentations, and its primary highlight—physical miniature models of each daycare center’s finished and current appearance.

Deviating from the norm of launching a traditional interior design exhibit, the student designers took their craft to greater heights, using community inclusivity as the framework for building a better society and setting a new perspective to design.

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