A Virtual Escape Room Against Human Trafficking

The pandemic gave rise to a disturbing number of human trafficking cases in the Philippines, with children being locked up amidst the lock down. Sexual predators now have easier access to online platforms that minors and their “groomers” also have access to. Seemingly harmless social media and gaming sites have been a hotspot for these to happen. 

Seven A.D. created a campaign to make people feel they are part of the mission to help fight human trafficking in partnership with Called To Rescue – a non-profit organization that helps rescue children who are missing, have been abused or trafficked.

Last November 25, they launched THE RESCUE, an immersive virtual game co-created with BreakOut Philippines. The co-op game-play aims to give the public a virtual simulation of a victim’s point of view, escaping from a sex trafficker’s den. At the end of the experience, people will be urged to send actual help via donations. 

1 Vertical The Rescue Poster

“For this campaign, we wanted to go beyond the usual awareness platforms and utilize gaming as a potent avenue not only to induce excitement but tug on the heartstrings as well. Knowing about human trafficking is one thing, but to experience this kind of fear, abuse and helplessness is another level altogether. The narrative of the game, played out in 20 thrilling chapters, is not a new story. But it’s something that we need to tell over and over again,” shared Russell Molina, Seven A.D. Chief Digital Officer

The series of virtual simulations started with THE CALL, an interactive role-playing experience on Instagram Stories that allows users to play the role of an agent, giving the player a glimpse of how Called To Rescue rescues a sex-trafficked victim after receiving a tip.

“BreakOut has long been associated with suspense and excitement; but what sets THE RESCUE apart is that the alarming horrors in this storyline are actually happening in real life. Through our partnership with Seven A.D. and Called to Rescue, we hope to help create awareness and affect change in our own little way,” shared BreakOut Philippines’ General Manager.

“By simply playing this game, the participants have already donated to the cause. We encourage more people to play, participate and spread the word,” said Molina.


To help save children in their fight for freedom, be part of THE RESCUE here.