A Valentine’s Day Tribute to all Moms During MomVie Night


Last February 10, 2017, MommiEvents Production, in collaboration with The Purple Owl Tagaytay, brewed up MomVie Night. It was a Valentine’s Day tribute to all kinds of Moms, most especially to the moms who are celebrating alone. It was a beautiful breezy evening with 10 lovely ladies who were grateful for the break.

Working overseas and being away from loved ones are some of the sacrifices families have to bear. Michiko, 31, a preschool teacher and mom to Cassiopeia, 3, says “my husband is away working for our family’s future.” She may be alone but definitely not lonely. “I draw strength from my group of mommy friends and my loved ones and most especially from my daughter who inspires me. Also, I am here today with my mom,” she said.

Sometimes, girls just want to have fun. April, 33, a housewife and mom to two girls (Gaby, 6 and Erin, 2), came together with her closest friends who she grew up with and who are also moms. “Coming together like this, in fellowship with my girlfriends and meeting new faces is wonderful for me, especially since I resigned from my job to be a full-time mom and wife. Getting together brings back the exciting, carefree days when all I worried about was what I was wearing today and where our next gimmick will be.” When asked if she would change anything to bring back those days, she said “I love being who I am today. Being a wife and mom is fulfilling. MoMVie Night is just a beautiful opportunity to relax, detach, and enjoy good food & wine while watching movies with an awesome company.”

As the evening progressed, everyone chattered in between bites of delicious pasta from The Royal Eats, buco pie by Cecilia’s of Diner’s Original Bulalo, sweet treats and home blend lemongrass iced tea compliments of The Purple Owl. All of these were enjoyed while watching the featured movies Bad Moms and Valentine’s Day, which they all laughed and cried at.


What contributed even more to the memorable evening was the ambiance of the venue which was indeed relaxing and cozy, despite the gloomy weather that night. The fresh breeze and greens surrounding the area are just what any mom need to get that well-deserved break and pampering. The set-up was also amazing. All the mommy participants had an awestruck look as they entered the area. The rustic theme and chill vibe of the place were more than enough to have everyone feeling at home and at ease with one another. It was impressive to the point that some of the moms asked what other packages The Purple Owl had to offer.

To know more about their event packages you may check their Facebook Page – The Purple Owl Tagaytay, where they offer packages catered for various occasions such as Engagements, Anniversaries, Birthdays, or even intimate dinner dates for your loved ones.

At the end of the evening, everyone was given a Beauty Goodie bag filled to the brim and nobody went home without snagging loot from the raffle. Thanks to the following sponsors: The Soap Story, Jergens Philippines, Benefit Cosmetics Philippines, VineAesthetics, Sugar X Salt, Freedom Stash, AcneCure Centre, and MommiEvents.

It looks like the MoMVie Night guests had a wonderful time and were refreshed and recharged to face another day of MOMness. It was indeed a wonderful privilege to give honor to all moms!

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