A Team Brings The Movement








When In Manila, and  determined to explore the best dance crews, look no further for A Team will certainly be the most eligible dance team in your list! A Team is a group of dancers from different schools and ages. From the numerous members of A Team we get different styles and groove but one movement on the dance floor. A Team recently had their first anniversary and fundraiser concert. After placing 4th in the World Hip Hop International dance competition in Vegas, they are out to represent our country again in the 2012 World Supremacy Battle in Australia. 




Opening Number




The event was jumpstarted by an energetic number from all A Team members, then followed by performances from these dance groups. each group performed according to their identities as a team. ACTS and References presented a swag and suave number while The Project stuck to their funky roots and Allstars gave a mind-boggling freestyle. 




(L-R) ACTS, The Project, Allstars and References



WHHI 2012 Routine, 4th placer.




Of course, who can ever forget  A Team‘s routine for the Hip Hop International? It was refreshing to see this routine again, yet it also reminded me how much of  a loss that they didn’t place in the top three. Nonetheless, it’s good to know that filipino dancers believe that A Team‘s routine killed it, and that’s what matters.




Mixed genre dance



A lot of people think that Hip Hop is just one genre. No, it isn’t. It has sub-genres such as waacking, tutting, isolation, krumping and such.  What A Team did in this particular performance was that they danced a handful of genres plus a contemporary segment. This shows that A Team is pushing their limit as dancers and  have carried it out well in this routine.


Tribute to Maroon 5 




Aside from pushing their limit,  A Team also shows their versatility by dancing a routine from the songs of Marron 5’s “Overexposed” album. 





(L-R) UP Street, Addlib and LSDC Street




 A Team‘s concert also featured dance numbers from UP Street, Addlib and LSDC Street. The last of which was labeled as Skechers Streetdance Battle 8 Champions and performed their winning routine. 





Tribute to Beyonce



A Team is also known for introducing “a new kind of sexiness” to the dance world and yes, they performed an electrifying dance to the tunes of Beyonce’s music. 




The Ardas, MJ and Lyka.




Just like how they did it last time with “The Demo”,  A Team‘s legendary coaches went on stage and thanked everyone for their support and prayed before presenting their World Supremacy Battle routine. They explained to the audience that they lacked one member because of an injury, but still the routine was beyond commendable.





A Team World Supremacy Battle cast





A Team will definitely bag a trophy with this routine. It was, as always, world-class. 

A Team‘s finale number ala runway show.






Out of all the dance groups that I watched, A Team remains to be my top favorite. Amidst all their achievements they manage to stay humble and grounded. And indeed, the results are in: A Team placed second in this year’s World Supremacy Battle








Find out more about A Team through 

https://www.facebook.com/ATeamPH and https://twitter.com/ATeamPH_








Thank you to: Jesse San Juan, Kim Guzman and photographers Nina Barbero and Debbie Zara










A Team Brings The Movement



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