A Successful Arts Fest 2021 at DLSU

Arts Fest 2021, a week-long event had successfully reached its end with flying colors last September 4, 2021. 

AF21 Main Poster

The most-awaited event that occurred from August 31 to September 4, 2021 championed and exposed the students not only in the College of Liberal Arts, but other students from other colleges as well through numerous activities that revolved around creativity, arts, and webinars regarding mental health care and life advice. 


Arts Fest 2021’s events such as The Great Beyond: Internship Fair and Life CLAss 101 have helped students to become more knowledgeable about the ins and outs of what the working adult world looks like. Taking a turn to a light-hearted discussion, the event also highlights the importance of mental health and self-care through CLArity: Purpose and Passion where students are able to take a break and engage with the amazing speakers.


For the DLSU students who are nostalgic about the environment in De La Salle University, Arts Fest opened the possibility to visit the school, virtually at least, through Virtual Space created by J.Lab Creations!


And of course, Arts Fest would not be Arts Fest without the arts! The event also handed the paintbrush and the spotlight to hidden jems and talents of the fellow College of Liberal Arts students through Museo Lasalyano or Virtual Exhibit and Revelare!


The event may have ended, but the impact and lessons garnered from the event will always linger and will always be open for more opportunities to come!