A Real Jeep Thrill with the 70th Anniversary editions of the Jeep® Wrangler and Grand Cherokee

A Real Jeep Thrill with the 70th Anniversary editions of the Jeep® Wrangler and Grand Cherokee
by JC Ansis


When In Manila, you should definitely check out the special editions of the Jeep® Wrangler and Grand Cherokee. In light of its 70th Anniversary, Jeep® wanted to show off what their vehicles are built for by holding an event for the media to test drive their SUVs out into the wild – The Real Jeep® Thrill.


People from CAT Motors, Inc. brought us to the Angeles Dirt Track in Pampanga to experience the Jeep SUVs for ourselves. The two locally available variants of the new Grand Cherokee (3.6L and 5.7 L HEMI) and the Wrangler were all waiting there for us to test them to its limits.



Of all the Jeep® SUVs, the Grand Cherokee is the most luxurious; it balances both off-road capabilities and on-road refinement with a sleek exterior design to deliver a premium driving experience. Meanwhile, the Wrangler, as we all know, remains to be the icon of the Jeep® brand and sticks to its true heritage as the original rugged fun-and-freedom machine. Oh, and if you’re wondering, the Wrangler costs around P2.8 million.



All of the vehicles have Electronic Traction Control (ETC), meaning whatever kind of terrain you drive through, you’ll feel safe and relaxed. Each of the SUVs has their own interior upgrades, notably the leather seats embroidered with the 70th Anniversary logos. Color options for all Jeep® models will include Bronze Star, Bright Silver, and Black.




Since it was raining, the track was muddy and slippery. We were segregated into groups and were all assigned a professional driver from Beeboy Bargas’ group, who took us through the trail before allowing us to drive the vehicles on our own. I was getting a bit jittery and skeptical to actually drive the Cherokee as we had to go through ditches, steep inclines and drop-offs.




I’ve never driven a 4×4 before, much more off-road. So I was very keen on noting down the tips and instructions the driver was giving us. When it was my turn at the wheel, it took me a while to get used to the track. I asked how to maneuver the SUV correctly and what gears to use for each trail section. What I liked about the Grand Cherokee was the Auto Descend function, that when activated, allows you to slope down hills easily without having to step on brakes or anything. It automatically glides you to the bottom.



After silencing our stomachs with grilled hamburgers and rib-eye steaks, I got to try the Jeep® Wrangler in the afternoon session of our test drive. The Wrangler proved to be more reassuring and since it was built for such rugged terrain, it was pretty smooth, quiet and had much easier handling than the Grand Cherokee. I owned the Wrangler, and actually looked better driving it than Matthew McConaughey did in the movie Sahara. No gas, just truth.




The track was muddy and everybody was wet, but it was all good. It was truly a great first 4×4 experience for me. Never did I imagine I’d go off-road with the Jeep® Wrangler and Grand Cherokee, the 70th anniversary editions at that.


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Photos and Video by Kenny Ansis

A real Jeep thrill with the 70th Anniversary editions of the Jeep® Wrangler and Grand Cherokee


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