A PH President-Inspired Typeface Lets You Donate to Education Charities if You Pay to Use It


Kimchi Lee, a Filipino designer and illustrator, designed a new typeface inspired by the first President of the Philippine Commonwealth, Manuel L. Quezon.

According to Kimchi’s Behance portfolio via Real Living, the Quezon typeface started as a rejected study turned experiment. Kimchi said on her portfolio that “Quezon was inspired by a mixture of art deco, the ancient Filipino script ‘Baybayin,’ and the old buildings of Metro Manila still standing today.”


You can get it for FREE but if you choose to pay to use it, all proceeds will be donated to educational charities. Kimchi added that the proceeds will be used to, “help fight against systemic poverty and the lies and news fabrication currently ongoing, such as the whitewashing of Martial Law.”


***All photos from Kimchi Lee’s Behance portfolio.

What do you think of this new PH President-inspired typeface?