A Message from Grab Philippines

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To our Ka-Grab Community,

Although discussions are far from over, we would like to thank you for the efforts you have put in, not only during these trying times but also since the beginning, when you entrusted your livelihood to us. Your unwavering support serves as fuel for us to continue transforming the transport industry.

The overwhelming support from different sectors have been a great surprise throughout this issue. Let us especially appreciate the legislators and civil servants that served as the voice of the riding public — to Senator Grace Poe and Senator JV Ejercito, your support has been paramount to the progress we have made for the accreditation of TNCs and TNVs.

Together, let’s thank our passengers for pulling through when we needed them most. They showed invaluable support for our community that allowed an entire industry to get back on our feet.

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As an official update, Grab has filed a Motion for Reconsideration last July 20, 2017. The motion calls for the LTFRB to set aside the July 11 Consolidated Order to cease operations of TNVS units without franchise by July 26, 2017. The LTFRB will now need to review the issue of colorum and this suspends the effectivity of the Order. We assure you that no final decision has been made and this means that there will be no apprehensions, and Grab will not deactivate any units without PAs.

While we work with the LTFRB on this from our end, please do continue outserving and providing safe and reliable rides to our passengers.

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Let us be hopeful that our collective efforts will lead to a long-term collaboration between our community and our regulators. We, along with more than 120,000 people who signed your petition, are standing with you and the families that you work hard to support.

Thank you Ka-Grab.

Grab ON!

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