A Little Dose of Good Vibes: Grab Driver Gives Back PHP 900 Worth of Excess Change

We’ve been hearing bad news about taxi experiences more than the good news, so let’s change that a bit, shall we?

Taxi drivers or drivers of public utility vehicles in general who do such good deeds deserve all the praise and recognition they can get!

Here’s a story posted by Ryan Paul Gaon on Facebook about a certain kuya Rodil Origenes of Grab Car.

Manong grab

After waking up on a Saturday morning, Ryan received calls from two unregistered numbers; one was from his Grab Car driver kuya Rodil, and the other was from kuya Rodil’s operator. Kuya Rodil informed Ryan that he was his the driver of the Grab Car he rode Friday night.

What happened was, Ryan mistook his PHP 1000 bill for a PHP 100 bill but he wouldn’t have noticed that if the people from Grab did not call him up to inform him.

Integrity played its part and kuya Rodil gave the excess PHP 900 change. He even met up with Ryan on his Friday drop-off point for his convenience!

Saludo kami sa’yo, kuya Rodil! May you be an inspiration to others out there. God bless always on your trips!

It’d be lovely to have more kindhearted drivers like him, don’t you think?

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