a-JAYS Four: in-ear earphones with controls for Apple Devices, definitely a perfect match!

When In Manila and you’re looking for a perfect earphone for your Apple/iOS device. Look no further, you’ve got the a-JAYS Four. Specifically made to match Apple devices.


Just look at that packaging. Props to JAYS for this. 


Packaging: I’ve always been intrigued by the packaging of JAYS. They’re not the usual box type  or plastic type packaging that we often see with other products of the same category. I began noticing and being curious with JAYS products ever since I saw them in local distributors. When you see them, you would definitely think that these are premium products due to the elegant packaging. The packaging is nicely done that I actually wanted them to be a potential case for my other things and gadgets.



 You get the basic packaging of extra tips for the proper fit.




Upon opening, the a-JAYS Four comes with 5 basic sets of ear tips to allow you to find your own fit. I ended up using the largest tips since my ear canals are fairly big.



Ain’t it a beaut. 

Build/Design: Upon opening the a-JAYS Four, I was met with a beautiful white set of earpieces. My initial thought was “wow these are beautiful set of earphones”. I got the white version and they definitely are well crafted and designed. The microphone/buttons on these are also integrated well with the design, and the build quality is superior. I noticed how the earphones were nicely designed and how the packaging matched this very well. As I took the earphones off the box, Upon taking the a-JAYS Four out of the packaging, I was me with how durable the flat tangle-free cables are on the JAYS. I’ve had and encountered many other products having the same flat tangle-free type of cables, and I must say, the JAYS gave the most durable impression with them. They don’t feel flimsy and they don’t feel like they will snap from sudden tugs. Upon wearing them, I noticed that the cables are slightly heavy although, it is no deal breaker since the earphone’s housing design allows for a snugly fit deep in my ear.


Even the writing is nicely integrated to the design. 




Sound quality:

  • Driver Type: 8.6 mm Dynamic Speaker
  • Sensitivity: 96dB @ 1kHz
  • Impedance: 16 Ohm @ 1kHz
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 21 000 Hz
  • Cable length: 115 cm (45 in)
  • Plug: L-shaped Silver-Plated 3.5 mm Stereo Plug
Before I began listening to the a-JAYS Four, I was actually only expecting it to focus mostly on bass. Because from my experience, most earphones at this price point cannot garner much about clarity, sound stage and presentation. This price point is usually for those who just look for good sound quality for their portable media players or cellphones. These are the usual consumers who might think that bass is “all that”. Thus, most earphones in this category focus mostly on bass. But the a-JAYS Four surprised me! Upon initial testing of the a-JAYS Four, even without burning them in to give-out their max capacity, I already noticed the clarity that they gave as well as the good sense of air even with that strong bass response. Usually, when an earphone has strong/powerful bass, the mid-range and high frequencies tend to be overpowered. With the a-JAYS Four, they are tuned very well since the high frequencies still give good clarity and sparkle. Also, the a-JAYS Four are very forgiving with bad recordings. I played songs ranging from lossless quality to 192kbps mp3s and they were good at forgiving low quality audio files, smoothing out grains and such on bad recordings.
I gave the a-JAYS Four a whole day and night to burn-in using random tracks out of my iTunes library. I tested again afterwards to check for additional improvement through burn-in. I noticed that the bass has become more controlled and tight than from out of the box yet, remained strong and deep. Just to note though, the bass on the a-JAYS Four is more of sub-bass than mid-bass, which I personally prefer. And the bass on these are not slow at all. They can keep speed and decay time well even though the sub-bass goes low. Full of energy if I must say. The highs of the a-JAYS Four also got the sometimes slightly piercing highs, tamed and smooth. Clarity is slightly more present now through vocals, instruments and through the extension of the highs. I love the air on these a-JAYS Four they have a sense of space but not that much, though they do have good extension on the highs. Separation also became evident after burn-in. You can notice how the bass and instruments are placed on the back and the vocals slightly forward. I like how they are tuned this way because when I move to acoustic or more mellow tracks, I can still hear the strings of the guitars and vocals clearly without the bass making it too dark. Overall, the a-JAYS Four is a slightly dark earphone with good clarity, airiness and deep bass.

I’ve had a 15mm driver in-ear earphone before that boasted powerful bass and I must say that the a-JAYS Four had very good controlled and deep sub-bass. They don’t have extreme ear shaking bass, but they are more than enough and goes deep well. The bass doesn’t disrupt other frequency ranges much, unlike other in-ear earphones on the same price bracket.





I really really love these a-JAYS Four in-ear earphones! I own much much much more expensive earphones, headphones and amplifiers, and I’ve always looked for an earphone that I could bring and just plug on my iPhone without any amplifier needed. A daily beat-up or walk-around earphone per-se. And I think, really really think, that I have found that walk-around, beat-up earphone that I need when I have no space to bring my hifi cables and amplifiers with these a-JAYS Four in-ear earphones. I throw any song at it and it fits the bill. It’s not an audiophile grade earphone, but it’s the best consumer earphone I have tried up to date. Not to mention that it looks cool and doesn’t tangle in your pocket. And of course, Apple device controls! Instead of wasting money on those overpriced Beats in-ear earphones, you should definitely grab these instead. You will thank me for the tip. a-Jays Four SRP: P4,499



 In-line mic/controls for Apple devices.


Cable restrains show that it can take quite a beating. 




All JAYS items carry a 2-year limited warranty. How more awesome is that?

 Thank you so so much to JAYS Philippines/Maclin Electronics, Inc. for sending the a-JAYS Four for the review.

JAYS products are currently available at your local digital stores:

JAYS Philippines




a-JAYS Four: in-ear earphones with controls for Apple Devices, definitely a perfect match!

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