A Group Of Mountaineers Explored Japan’s “Suicide Forest” And Here’s What Happened

If you’re a fan of creepy stories and weird places then you’ve probably heard of Aokigahara or Japan’s infamous “Suicide Forest”. It’s known to be one of the most popular places for suicide in the world. Because of this, it has also led people to believe that this dense forest is also haunted.

A group of mountaineers recently went to explore the forest and gave social media a look at what goes on inside. They even made a short documentary on their trip. (Video courtesy of Joji Mosby)

Check out some of their photos below: (Photos courtesy of Alpine Dreamers)

The entrance to the forest has a sign that urges people to think of their family and to talk to others about their troubles.

They found a woman’s bag in the middle of the forest.

The mountain climbers also gave their own tips on how to survive through the forest, such as this: “When you think what you are seeing is real, always remember that it’s not.”

They set up a campsite for an “overnight challenge” in the infamous forest.

Another tip: leave trail marks to know how to get back.

You can check out the full album here. It looks like quite an adventure. But remember, never go alone, and there will always be hope for your life.

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